Subscription Policy

Subscription policy

All Society members are required to pay an annual subscription.

Existing members

The subscription rate for the season is agreed at the AGM (usually in September). As set out in the Society’s constitution, subscriptions are due for payment within one calendar month of the AGM.

All members must pay the full subscription rate, except for the following:

  • Wind or brass players who are only required for certain concerts during the season: subscription will then be pro rata, based on the number of concerts for which that player is required as a fraction of the total concerts in the season.
  • Members requesting consideration on the basis of hardship: a reduced subscription or easier payment terms (eg. payment by instalments) to be agreed with the Treasurer.

New members

New members will become eligible to pay subscriptions after three weeks of attendance, as follows:

  • Those joining in the first term of a season: full subscription.
  • Those joining in the second or third term: approximately one third of the annual subscription per term (exact fee to be determined by the Treasurer).

Subscriptions are due for payment within one calendar month.

New members’ subscriptions will not be deferred until an audition has been attended. If a new member fails their audition, their subscription will be refunded.

Late payment of subscriptions

As set out in the Society’s constitution, only those who have paid their subscription are full members of the Society and eligible to play in concerts. Anyone who has not paid their subscription by the date of the first concert (or agreed a deferment with the Treasurer on the grounds of hardship) may not be able to take part.

Gift Aid

Members are encouraged to pay their subscription by Gift Aid donation. This can be done at no cost or obligation to the individual and is of great benefit to the Society; the necessary forms will be supplied by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.