Policy for working with children

This role is carried out at present collaboratively by the Secretary and Concert Manager.

  1. Contact is made well in advance with the School and Teachers who will be involved, for each concert that we include their school children in our performances. Names and contact information are exchanged and concert information is shared. Music content is discussed and plans for rehearsal and copy arranged.
  2. Close to the concert day we are provided with a full list of the children taking part in the performance. The School will also advise their age group.
  3. We request any information regarding individuals who may require additional support or special care on stage or while they are at any time in the venue.
  4. Care is taken during concert day when children are involved with afternoon rehearsal, to schedule their singing to provide sufficient rest too.
  5. Names of all chaperones present on the day are recorded.
  6. Children’s dressing room is booked for their use throughout the day. Wherever possible a separate dressing room is provided, if there are boys AND girls performing in the concert. So too are toilet facilities. These facilities vary depending on which venue we are using. eg. West Road Concert Hall, Ely Cathedral, King’s College Chapel, etc.
  7. Teachers and Chaperones are provided with a briefing by the Concert Manager, for any logistical arrangements involving the children once in the venue
  8. Parents are advised to provide refreshments for each child for the day, but we do provide drinks and biscuits which are managed under chaperones’ supervision.
  9. Concert Stewards are advised regarding emergency procedures that specifically cover children’s safety during the concert if required.
  10. Children are kept under the supervision of the Chaperones in their dressing room/s until they are called for procession to the stage.
  11. Close liaising with Leading Teacher and Secretary/Concert Manager continue throughout concert day in case there are any problems ie a poorly child, etc.
  12. Children are supervised in their dressing room/s by Chaperones at the end of the concert until their Parent/Carer has arrived to take them home.
  13. A list of the Children and Chaperones is kept with the Secretary during concert day.