Miscellaneous Policies

Miscellaneous Policies


Investments are made only as part of bank savings products that guarantee the initial deposit amount. Although these are lower-yielding, the money is secure and the amount cannot go down. Where a choice is available of investment places, paths are followed that avoid areas that would be controversial such as arms firms and tobacco firms and are compliant with Charity law.


We comply with the declaration of trustees policy outlined by the charity commission. Committee members are required to declare any connection to charities that we would support and absent themselves from decision making where relevant. The status of trustees as regards to them being trustees of other charities is checked using the charity commission website.


Where received, incidents of complaint are directed to the committee for discussion and responded to in writing by the secretary within 2 months of receipt. If the complaint is of a criminal or protection matter it will be reported to the authorities or the charity commission in accordance with laws/guidance. In the latter case, we are required at the end of each season to state whether any complaints have been received and how they were dealt with.


Cambridge Philharmonic does not employ any staff.

People are paid fees for working with us on a freelance basis and such fees are agreed beforehand by discussion, contract or guidance as to musicians’ union rates. Small expenses to members of the committee and society are reimbursed where the work has been undertaken on behalf of the society.


Risks are assessed in relation to the other policies on investment, protection etc. This may be done with reference to a risk management grid in special cases but should refer to the likelihood of events occurring and the severity of them with regard to the society achieving its aims and continuing to operate. These would primarily be damage to reputation and loss of donations as a result. The other prime risk would be a loss of reserves due to an accident and the society has public liability insurance for hired venues to guard against this.