Code of Practice for Chorus



All singers are expected to perform in all concerts for which they are required and to attend punctually all relevant rehearsals. If, in exceptional circumstances and for good reason, a member is unable to perform in a particular concert they should inform the Chorus Registrar at the earliest possible opportunity. It is not acceptable for a member simply to cease attending rehearsals for the rehearsal period of the concert they are unable to participate in without informing the relevant personnel.

Regular rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings during term time. Rehearsals begin at 7.30pm and end at 9.45pm. Members will be expected to attend occasional rehearsals on other days. Notice of dates and times of these additional rehearsals will always be released as soon as possible.


The Conductor will have the final say over whether a member shall perform in a concert if he or she has missed more than two rehearsals. The final two rehearsals before a concert are particularly important. No member may perform in a concert if he or she has missed either of these, unless prevented by exceptional circumstances (such as his/her employment) and granted permission by the Conductor.

New members

Prospective new members are welcome to attend at least two trial rehearsals before deciding whether to apply for membership. If they wish to join they should inform the Chorus Registrar who will arrange an audition.


Subscriptions should be paid within one month of the AGM or successful completion of an audition for a place in the chorus. Upon payment of the subscription each member will receive a membership card.

Members are encouraged to pay their subscription by Gift Aid donation. This can be done at no cost or obligation to the individual and is of great benefit to the Society; the necessary forms will be supplied by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.


Members may either buy or hire scores. Hired scores must be returned to the Chorus Librarian immediately after each concert. Any member who fails to return their score, or returns it in a damaged state, will be liable for any costs incurred.

Concert Dress

Concert dress is normally dinner jacket and black bow tie for men and long, all black for women.

Folders should be used, or the music covered, if instructed by the Chorus Registrar.