Booking Deps and extra players

Booking Deps and Extra players

Percussionists, Harpists, Keyboard Players

The Orchestral Secretary books percussionists, harpists, keyboard players.

Pool Players

Where there are pool players, the section leader should book deps, extras, and bumpers from the pool, according to the ranking of players determined by the conductor at auditions. Pool players are not paid a fee.

Extras in Sections Without Suitable Pool Players

The Orchestral Secretary generally books extras for sections without pool players, or where the pool players are unable to cover particular instruments (e.g. a trombonist for Wagner to play bass trumpet).

In some cases, it may be simpler for section principals to book extras themselves. This should be only be done with the agreement of the Orchestral Secretary, and with reference to the section “Fees” below.


Regular wind and brass Society members should book their own deps for rehearsals if they are not free themselves.

Regular wind and brass players missing for a whole concert programme should be replaced by their section principal in consultation with the Orchestral Secretary, and with reference to the section “Fees” below. Deps should attend as many rehearsals as possible.

String players should inform their section principals if they’re missing a rehearsal, but need not book a dep.

String section principals should, in consultation with the Conductor and Orchestral Secretary, arrange for an appropriate set of players for each concert. (See the String Section Leader job description for more details.)


Brass principals should book bumpers when they are needed. Fees are not paid for bumpers.


Anyone booking extra players who are not members of the pool should make it clear that there is no fee. If a fee is requested, the matter must be referred to the Orchestral Secretary. Fee negotiations should only be conducted by the Orchestral Secretary. The Orchestral Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the cost of deps/extras remains within the budget for that concert agreed by the Treasurer.


If an extra player requires their part in advance of the rehearsal/concert the person who booked them is responsible for conveying their request and contact details to the Orchestral Librarian. The Orchestral Librarian is responsible for ensuring the player knows how the music is to be returned.

For deps covering odd rehearsals, the regular player is responsible for getting their music to and from their dep.