The Bells – Cancelled

23rd May 2020

West Road Concert Hall

Start time 7:30pm

BARTÓK: Dance Suite
RACHMANINOV: Three Russian Songs
MUSSORGSKY (arr. Shostakovich): Songs and Dances of Death

Conductor: Timothy Redmond

Soprano: Anna Gorbachyova

Tenor: Alexander James Edwards

Bass-baritone: Vassily Savenko

Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus


“I worked on this composition with feverish ardour,” Rachmaninov wrote, “and it remains, of all my work, the one I like best.”

Inspired by the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, Rachmaninov described The Bells as a ‘choral symphony’. Sleigh bells, wedding bells, alarm bells and funeral bells ring out throughout this stunning symphonic picture, marking birth, marriage, terror and death. For Mussorgsky, only 36 when he began his four Songs and Dances of Death, the spectre of death was a constant presence. Brooding, dark and irresistible, the Songs remain some of the most important works of Russian musical literature.

Bartók’s Dance Suite and Rachmaninov’s Russian Songs both have at their core the unmistakable sound of folk music and they overflow with everything from infectious, toe-tapping rhythms to soulful, elancholic melodies.

The poster for the concert can be found here

This concert has unfortunately been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of West Road Concert Hall.

We hope to reschedule this performance for a later date.