Family Concert – So what does a conductor do, anyway?

Saturday 21 January 2017

West Road Concert Hall

Saturday 21 January 2017 at 2.00pm and 4.00pm

Family Concert

So what does a conductor do, anyway?

Conductor                              Timothy Redmond

Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra

“I’d like to thank you wholeheartedly for yet another FANTASTIC+WONDERFUL family concert this afternoon! Just wish it could go on for longer!!” Audience member

“I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music. Plato

Have you ever been to a concert and wondered what exactly it is that a conductor does? Well, this is your chance to find out! We’ll go on a whistle-stop tour of conducting through history (did you know that there were conductors in Ancient Greece?), we’ll find out how a conductor can change the sound of an orchestra without even saying a word, and we’ll hear amazing music by Mendelssohn and Mahler, Bernstein and Berlioz and lots more besides.

Join the Cambridge Phil and Tim Redmond for this year’s Philharmonic Family Concert and, who knows, you might even get to conduct the orchestra yourself!

West Road Concert Hall