Auditions Policy

Auditions policy and procedures

All performing members of the Society are required to audition when first joining, and thereafter at intervals of no more than three years. For more details of the rules, see below.

Eligible to audition this year are:

  • orchestra: violins
  • chorus: sopranos
    (except those who have recently joined and have already had an audition in the current season)
  • any new members who have not yet auditioned
  • any existing member from another section who missed the slot for their section to re-audition and has not been auditioned for more than 3 years

Others tbc

Details of Chorus Auditions

Chorus auditions will last about 10 minutes, and may include the following elements:

  1. Sing a piece of your choice (song, hymn, carol, aria, etc), accompanied by the pianist.
  2. Sing up and down the scale to establish your range.
  3. Sing at sight from unknown music
    1. with other parts played on the piano
    2. unaccompanied given the first note
  4. Sing sections as required from the pieces currently in rehearsal (please bring your copies).
  5. Clap rhythms from written music.

Details of Orchestra Auditions

Orchestra instrumental auditions will include the following elements:

  1. Play a short accompanied piece − an accompanist will be provided.
  2. Sight-reading.



Policy and Procedures

April 1997, amended April 2004

Audition policy

  1. Entry to the Society is by audition and payment of a subscription.
  2. Members will be subject to reaudition after a period not exceeding three years.
  3. At the time of audition/reaudition, orchestral places will be open to all applicants. Existing members, pool players, players on the waiting list, principals and new applicants will audition for places on equal terms.
  4. Choral places will be open to all who meet a satisfactory standard, limited only by the need to balance the sections.
  5. Any person not prepared to audition/reaudition will not be eligible for membership.
  6. Representation as stated in rule 4.4 of the Society will continue to apply.

Audition Procedures

  1. New Members
    1. New applicants will be auditioned during the term in which they apply, or as soon as possible thereafter. Except where unusual circumstances apply, new applicants will not be permitted to participate in concerts until they have passed an audition.
    2. Orchestral auditions – special procedures: If there is no vacancy at the time for an applicant who meets the required musical standard, their name may be added to the pool of deputies to be called on if needed.
  2. Existing members
    1. Audition period: All members will be reauditioned every three years except where this reaudition would fall less than nine months after a first audition.
      1. Members of the choir will be reauditioned every three years on a sectional basis as follows:
        • Tenors/Basses
        • Sopranos
        • Altos
      2. Members of the orchestra will be reauditioned every three years on a sectional basis as follows:
        • Woodwind/Brass/Percussion (when applicable)
        • Violins
        • Violas, Celli, Double Basses
  3. Timing of Auditions
    1. Reauditions will take place towards the end of a season.
    2. Notice of reauditions with names of those affected will be given at the end of the previous term.
    3. Auditions for new orchestral and choral members will be advertised publicly at least one month before the auditions take place.
  4. Notification of Auditions
    1. All auditionees will receive written notice of their audition not less than two weeks prior to the audition date. This notice will include full details of the audition including time and place as well as content of the audition. A copy of this audition policy will also be included.
  5. Conduct of Auditions
    1. At all end of season auditions an independent assessor, appointed by the committee, will be present in addition to the conductor. In the case of string auditions, the independent assessor will normally be the Leader of the orchestra. At other times, as agreed appropriate by the Committee, a substitute may be used.
    2. Auditions will last about ten minutes and detail of the content will be supplied as stated in 4.1. Extra time will be allocated for those orchestral auditionees offering additional instruments.
    3. Follow-on auditions may be arranged if necessary.
  6. Notification of Results of End of Season Auditions
    1. The Committee will receive a report from the conductor following the auditions and will consider the proposed outcomes before agreeing audition results.
    2. Notice of the results will be given within two weeks of the auditions, except where the Committee deem it appropriate to adjust this.
    3. Any existing member being asked to leave or to change position will be contacted personally by the conductor and reasons given for the decision.
    4. Unsuccessful new applicants will be contacted by the Orchestral Secretary or Chorus Registrar.
  7. Existing Members who are deemed to be underperforming
    1. Any existing member deemed not to be meeting the musical standards of the Society shall be given a warning period of one term along with an explanation of the problem.
    2. If at the end of that term their performance is still deemed to be unsatisfactory they will be given one month’s notice of reaudition.
    3. If the subsequent audition proves unsatisfactory they may be asked to leave the Society or may be repositioned within the section by the conductor following consultation with the Committee.